The house made of wooden beams is a classic architectural solution, which, however, now is considered luxury. That is why TIGER STEEL offers an attractive designer solution – metal siding “LOG” blockhouse produced on own premises and completely imitating the natural wood. The price of metal log-style siding is rather moderate and, in addition, it combines impressive look and perfect technical characteristics.
BLOCKHOUSE is a ventilated façade used for facing outer and inner walls of newly-built living and industrial buildings as well as during reconstruction of old premises, fences and railings. Due to a specific technology used for mounting metal siding on the framework basis, the building “breathes” and condensate is not formed.
Metal siding by TIGER STEEL is manufactured using cutting-edge equipment with the help of automated system of management and control over precision of the technological process.
All produce is certified and has respective quality certificates.
The basis of metal siding is rolled galvanized steel of 0,40-0,45mm with polymeric coating Printech on one side and primed on the other side.


  • dub
  • klen
  • olha
  • sosna
  • gold-dub
    Golden oak
  • dark-oreh (1)
    Dark walnut
Blockhouse is manufactured in panel of 3 and 6 meters in length or of custom size by customer request. We sell and deliver the product starting 1 sq.m. using delivery services and road carriers around Ukraine.


  1. Heat insulation
  2. Water-and-wind protecting membrane
  3. Mounting profile
  4. Metal siding BLOCKHOUSE
  5. Starting/finishing plate
  6. Joining H-shaped plate
  7. Outer corner
  8. Inner corner
  9. Esconson
  10. Wall
For cutting the material we use scissors for metal or disk saw with rapid disk.

Technical parameters

Metal thickness -0,40-0,45 мmm
Total width -0,361 mm
Useful width -0,340 mm
Length -6 m
Cutting step -0,1 m

Structure of metal siding coating

  1. Printech/polyester coating – 20-30 microns
  2. Priming – 5-7 microns
  3. Galvanic/aluminum-galvanic coating – 100g/sq.m.
  4. Cold-rolled steel sheet
  5. Galvanic/aluminum-galvanic coating – 100g/sq.m.
  6. Priming – 5-7 microns


prof1s Starting/finishing plate – length 2m prof1
prof2s Joining H-shaped plate – length 2m prof2
prof3s Outer corner plate – length 2m prof3
prof4s Inner corner plate – length 2m prof4
prof5s Esconson – length 2m prof5

Advantages of metal siding BLOCKHOUSE

Apart from aesthetic properties, this facing material has a bunch of advantages allowing it to occupy the leading positions on the domestic market of facing panels:
  • resistance to low temperatures (as low as -50 centigrade). Metal has low extension coefficient, therefore, façade faced with such panels will stay even in any temperature, unlike the façade faced with wooden board;
  • complete incombustibility, possibility to mount it even on the buildings that are subject to strict fire safety requirements;
  • resistance to corrosion, mechanical damage, sunlight and precipitation;
  • ease and convenience of mounting which can be performed all year round. Moreover, ugly engineering networks can be hidden under the panels;
  • eco-friendliness – siding does not have harmful effect on human body, does not emit any unpleasant smell and perfectly protects the house from external electromagnetic emission;
  • increased heat insulation of the house without losing the inner space, possibility of creating ventilated façade system on its basis;
  • aesthetic look, ease of service and maintenance;
  • efficiency – metal panels are produced in different lengths allowing to cut expenses on cutting and fitting;
  • affordable price – regardless of its rather high cost, such metal siding is distinguished by its long service life and eventually is profitable for each customer.