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Strip with polymeric coating in Dnepropetrovsk

Strip stands for “line” or “band”.

Strip is produced from special thin-sheet rolled metal. After rolling on strip mills it is slit into strips of necessary width and reeled off into rolls. Strip is a representative of sorted rolled metal.

Types of strip:

  • Steel strip;
  • Galvanized steel;
  • Galvanized with polymeric coating;
  • Stainless tape.

Each of the above types has its peculiarities, features, physical properties and specific look. The most popular are galvanized steel and galvanized steel with polymeric coating.

Areas of application:

This material is used for production of packaging tape, welded tubes, cable products, for decoration of buildings, for manufacturing of most types of bended steel profiles. Strip is also used for angles, channels, reinforced window profiles, profiles for rapidly erected buildings and mounting of seam roofing.


Actual prices for strip

Model, color Size, mm.; zinc content, gr/m.sqr Manufacturer Prise , grn/m.sgr
Wood 0505(Golden Oak) 0,41*1250 Zn 100 Jiangyin Wofeng Metallic Material (China) 118
Brick 0401(rock)
Wood 0202(Venge Oak)
RAL 3005 0,40 (-)*1250 Zn 100 Shandong Ruichen Industry [&] Trade Co.,LTD 74
RAL 6005 74
RAL 8017 74
RAL 9003 74
RAL 9006 74
RAL 3005 0,43*1250 Zn 100 Shandong Ruichen Industry [&] Trade Co.,LTD 83
RAL 3009 83
RAL 3011 83
RAL 5005 83
RAL 6005 83
RAL 7004 83
RAL 8017 83
RAL 9006 83