TIGER STEEL manufactures profiled sheets, metal tile and spare parts from high-quality flat steel from world leading manufacturers. Protective film can be applied upon customer request. Lead time makes up 3-4 working days. The company also performs powder painting of profiled sheeting of length up to 8,5m. Selection of color for painting is done based on RAL scale. Loading of products into the motor transport is done with the crane at the top.

We produce wall profiled sheeting – С8, С10, НС20, НС35, НС44. The bigger the number, the higher the profile and, therefore, the better its lifting properties due to increased stiffening ribs and metal thickness. With the increase in profile height, the weight of the profiled sheeting also increases.

Some types of profiled sheeting may be used for roofing as well as for walls (НС20, НС35, НС44). But, regardless of the same shape of profile, rolling of profiled sheeting of the same grade for roofing and façade works will be different. Roofing type is characterized by presence of a groove in place where sheets overlap that ensures water drainage, whereas the façade type does not have such groove. Similarly, load carrying profiles sheeting may serve as a roofing or façade material and perform load carrying functions of the wall and roof or roof and floor slab at the same time.

For floor slabs of buildings and industrial objects TIGER STEEL produces profiled sheeting Н57 and Н75.

Our managers will provide competitive price, will promptly calculate and batch the order, will help to choose color and arrange delivery.

We guarantee high quality of our products and competitive prices.

c8 hc44
hc20 h75