Roofing elements

Finishing accessories are metal goods and details used to cover the joints o different elements of roofing structures and to complete its look. Finiching accessories help protect under-roof space from penetration of moisture, early wear of coating, provide high functionality.

Leading specialists in roofing materials recommend buying finishing accessories of the same manufacturer as the roofing panels – this will help avoid many issues during mounting and exploitation.
  • Peak flashing – protects profiled goods along the gable from wind load, wallowing out of fixtures and penetration of moisture.
  • Ridge – covers profiled sheets at the joint of two slopes of roof protecting it from moisture, dirt and blowing out of profiled sheets by gusts of wind.
  • Valley – removes water from the corner of joint of two slopes, prevents penetration of moisture into under-roof space
  • Eaves board – prevents water from getting on the eaves and directs the water flow into the gutter.
  • Arris – covers and holds the butt ends of profiled sheets in external corners.
  • Included angle – covers and holds the profiled sheet in internal corners.
  • Snow guard – creates a protective barrier from rapid falling of snow from the slope of roof and protects drainage system from snow load.
  • U-shaped board – has decorative function and protects butt ends of profiles sheeting that is used as a fence.